Blood Magic by Tessa Gratton plot is part magic lore and part mystery. Silla’s parents died tragically in what everyone but Silla is convinced a murder suicide. After receiving a spell book she is even more convinced that someone was involved in her parents death.

The mystery part is what intrigued me the most. Everyone is made a suspect and even if I wanted to guess there were too many choices to even bother.

The narration went back and forth between the two protagonists, Silla and Nicholas, which I usually enjoy but in this book the narration did not flow smoothly often just ending off when I was getting used to the character. The romance between them was a nice change from the “we want to but we can’t” themes we often see, but I could not get away from the feeling it was another book with love at first sight.

As for supporting characters, I didn’t really care for them much. They weren’t boring, but they didn’t stand out either. Except for Lillith – what happened anyways? She was this mysterious character who I thought was going to be part of the twist or at least have some role in it, but then it was almost as if the author had forgotten about her; we never got any explanation about the part she was playing in all of this – it can’t be nothing. So i don’t know? Maybe the author has plans for her in the future or maybe she is just a mundane step mom? There was no hint of anything it seemed a waste not to give her a cool twist.

In addition to the two narrators, there were flashbacks of an old witch writing a journal of her life after learning about magic and that simply confused me. I could not read half the words because the font used and had to try to understand what was happening from the words I could read. About halfway through the book I gave up reading them.

I give Blood Magic a 2/5.