Slated by Teri Terry is a great book that I gave 4.6/5 stars. From the great cover and mysterious blurb Slated was a book I just had to pick up. In this book I loved the ideas she presents about mind control and memory loss.

She brings in the idea of emotion control through use of a device called a ‘Levo’, these are sensors attached to the slated person’s wrist that induce a black out if their mood level get too low, the idea is to stop them being able to get into a state of anger or depression that would allow them to hurt themselves or others.

Slated was a book that made me think about what I read because it is something that could appear in the future. What if we could wipe the minds of serial killers and terrorists? We could give them a second chance at life as an entirely new person. Because if you erase your memories and personality then you are no longer you, right?

Kyla has been slated. She is told this is because she was a terrorist but the government showed mercy and gave her a second chance at life to be an asset to society. Now she must listen to the rules because there are no more chances after this one, she must learn to fit in and not ask questions. But along the way she can’t stop herself from questioning things, she isn’t so accepting of the answers she receives about the people who just disappear. Kyla is haunted by strange dreams and desperately tries to piece together the puzzle of who she is before it’s too late.