Hey, it’s been a while.

I’ve already failed one of my new year resolutions. Oops.

I got swamped with starting the new school year. After a six week holiday I was so unused to school that when I returned it was a struggle, and when I came home I had to rest. I eventually got back into posting on my instagram @elysian_words_ but it was a challenge. Writing a blog post is even more so.

With my Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) it comes with heap of difficulties. Mainly relating to me not having a ton of energy.

Another thing is that no one reads these posts. I sort of write them and no one sees them. I’m fine with it, but after a while it gets hard putting a lot of work into them.

I also haven’t really read a lot of books I want to review. That is until I read If I Tell You by Alicia Tuckerman. OMG! It’s amazing, a sure 5/5. I’ll hopefully have a review for that soon posted. If not it will be on instagram.

I’ll hoping to start posting again on this blog soon. If not, I’ll be continuing on instagram.