2018-05-23 08.29.53.pngHow do I even begin to describe If I Tell You?! I can’t. Words can not describe it. It’s beautiful and soul devouring, and so. Freaking. Good! I need more. It’s everything I never knew I wanted in a book and everything I needed. I was hooked from the first page and this book will certainly not disappoint you.

It’s now one of my favourite books. It’s heartwarming and made me smile like a fool. It’s something I really needed to read, to remind me of the good, and that my friends will always be there for me. The characters (especially Phoenix) have helped me think about my future and what I want. I’m a bit of an Alex about that, I need someone to tell me to jump.

If I Tell You is easy for me to relate to. It captured emotions that I feel, and have felt perfectly. I can also see parts of myself in Alex which made the book easy to get lost in.

I will always carry this story in my heart and when I’m scared, I’ll hopefully remember to jump.

5/5 – now I have to go find my own Phoenix.

Life and love don’t wait until you’re ready, but what if finding yourself means losing everything you’ve ever known?

Seventeen-year-old Alex Summers lives with a secret and the constant fear someone will find out. But when a new family moves to town, they bring with them their teenage daughter Phoenix Stone. When Alex falls for Phoenix, there is no warning. In a small town with small minds, girls don’t go out with other girls, even if they want to.

In fear there is bravery – you can either cling to the edge or have the courage to jump. But what do you do when you’re left spiralling through the freefall?