Imagine a world where you might disappear any minute, only to find yourself alone in a grey sickly land, with more horrors in it than you would ever wish to know about. And then you hear a horn and you know that whoever lives in this hell has got your scent and the hunt has already begun.

Could you survive the Call?

I loved this! It was dark, gripping and facinating. Like reading a nightmare. It was brutal. Dark, bloody, sadistic… yeah, really good. The back cover says that this book is a “must read for anyone who’s been sleeping too well at night”. I have to agree. The Call is a definitely a book that should be on your TBR.

THREE MINUTES You wake up alone in a horrible land. A horn sounds. The Call has begun. TWO MINUTES The Sidhe are close. They’re the most beautiful and terrible people you’ve ever seen. And they’ve seen you. ONE MINUTE Nessa will be Called soon. No one thinks she has any chance to survive. But she’s determined to prove them wrong. TIME’S UP Could you survive the Call? A genre-changing blend of fantasy, horror, and folkore, The Call won’t ever leave your mind from the moment you choose to answer it.

You grow to care about characters (and absolutely hate others) over the course of this book. You want to stop yourself from loving them but you can’t. Even knowing that they will most likely die during their Call. And then there are the ones you hate with a burning passion, who you would happily sacrifice to save your own life, and condem to the Sidhe’s torture.

There is Nessa, an unlikely heroine who you will root for. A warrior stuck with the frail flesh of a girl, permanently disabled by polio. The kindest people regard her as hopelessly doomed. But, she faces the inevitable challenge, which not even the strongest survive. But she will do anything to make it through alive. I loved that Nessa had a physical disability, I wish we would see more about disabilities in these types of books. So many people can relate and identify with these types of characters and others can learn a lot from just the normalization of disabilities in general. And what’s more it wasn’t her only aspect! Nessa was a complete character and not solely focused on her disability.

I only wish that there was more world building. It’s set in Ireland, and completely cut off from the rest of the world. Nessa attends Boyle Survival College, preparing for when she will be Called. And we have chapters from the Grey Land. I would of loved more details about the Grey Land. I found it fascinating and wanted to learn more. Other then that it was fantastic!

The Call is a heart racing delight. I couldn’t be more excited to read the sequel.
4-5 stars.

‘Listen,’ he says, ‘we don’t need the Sidhe to teach us evil. We were the ones who put them in the Grey Land, remember? And not just for a day or however long it is the Call lasts. We Irish… we trapped an entire race of people in hell for all eternity, just so we could take their homes for ourselves.’