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En Pointe by Chloe Bayliss

“Have you ever had an addiction? An obsession? Have you ever wanted something so much that you can’t imagine your life without it? For me, that’s dance.” En Pointe by Chloe Bayliss is a beautiful real-life story of hope and... Continue Reading →

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Interview With A.J. Betts

Hive and Rouge are a stunning duology set in a world only A. J. Betts could create. It's a masterpiece of world building with characters you will love and connect with. All I can tell you is what I remember,... Continue Reading →

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Book Review: Hive by A.J. Betts

Hive by A.J. Betts, is refreshingly unique, a gripping read, and a masterpiece of world building. I'll admit when I first heard about Hive I didn't care about the blurb. I saw the shiny cover and knew I had to... Continue Reading →

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